You can also use the Plan Finder tool to enroll in a Part D plan. If you prefer to talk with someone to enroll, you can call 1-855-540-4744 (TTY 711) 8am-8pm, 5 days a week. Or you can enroll by calling Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 or Alabama's State Health Assistance Program (SHIP) at 1-800-243-5463.

You can do a General Search or a Personalized Search. Only the zip code is required for a General Search. You will need the Medicare number, effective dates, the date of birth, zip code and pharmacy to use the Personalized Search.

Using the Plan Finder tool

  • Go to
  • Select the "Drug Coverage (Part D)" tab in the blue bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Select the last choice in the list of information options: "Find health & drug plans."

Medicare Plan Finder

  • Enter your zip code in the General Search box.
  • Then select "Find Plans".

Step 1 of 4: Enter Information

  • Click buttons for "Original Medicare" 
  • Then select "Continue to Plan Results".

Step 2 of 4: Enter Your Drugs

  • Enter your first medication in the "Type the name of your drug" field.
  • Select "Find My Drug".
  • In the Search Results section, select "Add Drug" across from selected medication.
  • A pop-up box will appear.
  • Dosage – Click button in front of the correct dosage.
  • Quantity and Frequency – Enter "30" and "Every one month" if you take one pill every day (that's 30 pills each month). For two pills a day, enter "60" and "Every one month". Adjust these two fields to represent the actual number of pills you take each day.
  • Pharmacy type - Select retail pharmacy even if you use mail order. You will be able to show three months at a time via mail order without checking these boxes later on in the process.
  • Once you've made your four selections in the pop-up box, select "Add drug and dosage".
  • You will be returned to previous page.
  • Record the system-generated Drug List ID and Password Date.
  • Repeat this process for the balance of your medications

Once your list is complete, select "My Drug List is Complete"

Step 3 of 4: Select Your Pharmacies

  • Select at least one pharmacy. You may select a maximum of two pharmacies.
  • Select "Continue to Plan Results"

Step 4 of 4: Refine Your Plan Results

  • Check "Prescription Drug Plans (with Original Medicare)
  • Select "Continue to Plan Results"

Your Plan Results

The first entry will be "Your Current Plan". This will show Original Medicare if you did a general (as opposed to a personalized) plan search. Go down to the list of Prescription Drug Plans in section below.

The first plan listed in the Prescription Drug Plan section is the plan with the Lowest Estimated Annual Retail Drug Cost. This is the plan with the lowest total of 12 months of premiums, annual deductible and 12 months of copays/coinsurance.

However, do not make your decision based on price alone. Review the Overall Star Rating, Drug Coverage and Restrictions, and Pharmacy Status associated with this plan. If you are not happy with these results, move down to the next plan on the list and repeat this process.

You can examine each plan individually or compare up to three plans at a time by checking the box in front of the plan names and selecting the "Compare Plans" button.

For additional details, double click on the plan name to access the Your Plan Details screen.

Your Plan Details

This screen shows additional details such as monthly copays for each medication, drug restrictions, mail order pricing and whether or not the individual is expected to enter the donut hole during the calendar year.

If you want to complete the application online, you will be asked to enter the following personal information:

  • Name as it appears on your red, white and blue Medicare card
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Home telephone number
  • Street Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Emergency Contact (optional)
  • Medicare number
  • Effective dates for Parts A and B
  • Method of paying plan premium
  • Name of additional drug coverage, if any
  • Name of long term care facility (if that is your place of residence)

You will be asked to verify the accuracy of the information you entered and to answer a couple basic questions. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will see a page called "Enrollment Request Received". Be sure to print this page and record your confirmation number.

If you choose to enroll in a Members Health Insurance Part D plan, and you prefer talking to someone to enroll, call us toll-free at 1-855-540-4744 (TTY 711) 8am-8pm in your time zone, 5 days a week.

Members Health Insurance offers two Part D plans, and both are available to residents of Alabama:

  • Farm Bureau Essential Rx - $0-deductible Part D plan covers a broad range of generic and brand name drugs. The plan’s five tiers of coverage give you options between generics and brand name drugs, as well as specialty drugs.
  • Farm Bureau Select Rx - lower-premium Part D plan covers a broad range of generic and brand name drugs. The plan’s five tiers of coverage give you options between generics and brand name drugs, as well as specialty drugs

Once enrolled, you’ll have access to more than 67,000 pharmacies. Click here to view the Alabama Network Pharmacy Directory.

This document is a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. It can be viewed with Adobe Reader. If you don't already have this viewer on your computer, download it free from the Adobe website.

You may also use a pharmacy that is not in our network. However, if you go to a pharmacy outside the network, you may have to pay more for your prescriptions, and you may have to file a claim to be reimbursed. You will be responsible for payment of any difference between the non-network pharmacy’s charge and the amount the plan allows. 

If you would like to request a printed copy, please call 844-368-8739 (TTY 711), 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Medicare beneficiaries with limited incomes may qualify for the Medicare Part D “Extra Help” program. This is also known as the Low Income Subsidy (LIS) program.

The program was designed to help people with limited incomes pay for prescription drugs. If you qualify for Medicare Part D Extra Help, you will pay less in drug premiums and copayments or coinsurance. You also will be covered during the Coverage Gap (the “Donut Hole”), and you will not have to pay late enrollment penalties. For more information on the LIS Extra Help Program, click here

Click Here for a 2018 summary of monthly plan premiums for those eligible for extra help.

If you have multiple chronic conditions you may be invited to participate in the Medication Therapy Management Program (MTM). The program is designed for those who have two (2) or more chronic conditions and take a minimum of six (6) different chronic/maintenance medications, or are likely to incur more than $3,697 in annual drug costs. The MTM program offers participants direct access to health care professionals to help them better manage their health and health care expenses. Participation is optional, and you may choose not to participate.

For more about who is eligible for MTM and how the program can help you, click here.

Medicare beneficiaries may also enroll in Farm Bureau Essential Rx or Farm Bureau Select Rx through the CMS Medicare Online Enrollment Center located at

Members Health Insurance Company is a Part D plan with a Medicare Contract. Enrollment in Members Health Insurance Company depends on contract renewal. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part D premium. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply.

Beneficiaries generally must use network pharmacies to access their prescription drug benefit. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and or copayments/ coinsurance may change January 1 of each year. The Formulary and/or Pharmacy Network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.